luni, 22 decembrie 2008

Few relevant quotations (apparently diverging) :


« Never darken my Dior again! »
[Lady Peel (formerly Beatrice Gladys Lillie, comic actress, 1894-1989) - to a waiter, who had spilled soup down her neck, in ‘Every Other Inch a Lady’ (1973) ch. 14]

« Art is ugly things that become beautiful; fashion is beautiful things that become ugly. »
[Gabrielle Bonheur (“Coco”) Chanel, 1883-1971].

« Can’t act. Slightly bald. Also dances. »
[Studio official’s comment on Fred Astaire - in Bob Thomas ‘Astaire’ (1985) ch. 3]

« I thought to myself what means, with what deceptions, with how many varied arts, with what industry a man sharpens his wits to deceive another, and through these variations the world is made more beautiful. »
[Francesco Vettori (contemporary & friend of Niccolò Machivelli), early XVI-th Century]

« These woods are lovely dark and deep,
But I have promisses to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep!
[Robert Frost, 1874-1963 – ‘Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening’ (1923)]

« We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the Secret sits in the middle and knows
. »
[Robert Frost, 1874-1963 - ‘The Secret Sits’ (1942)]

duminică, 21 decembrie 2008

O parere personala

About myself, as a roamer in Tango


Yes, I am

one tanguero

I believe
in exchange
(and not in small change,
so neither small talk)
and I believe in
small steps, as well :
Steps – just spiced-up
with (as it takes) humor
(‘course, starting on myself) –
simply for keeping
my path, straight ahead.

Besides :

I have
my pride as my
only left fortune,
and I own
my own self respect,
for pushing me further …

… so, in due diligence,
I also pay
all the respect I due
to everybody (and,
anytime, to anyone),
only according to their
real merits.

Ortegrity (at human scale),
[thanks, © Timothy]
tensegrity (in Tango),
but, not at all, “taillable
et corvéable à merci” …

Just floating
over all these
never-ending marshes,
I always strive
to take good care
at my feet steps & foot-steps,
for not to end (on such
small tiny moving-sandy
islands that still have left)
and thus be swamped-in or,
yet even more,
becoming one-and-same
to groundfloor …

I know :

there, over twilight,
beyond the skyline,
where sunsets brighten so,
such lively bloodlike,
I’ll find out what
I – always – was supposed
to look for.

And thus :

I will
keep going, slightly,
just like a neverending,
wrathfully whispered Tango song
(let’s take, for instance,
my always favourite
D’Arienzo’s :
Que el varón que taya [las cartas]
debe estar previsto [ser consciente de los trucos],
Esta es mi marca y me asujeto [me pongo frenos]”) …

One day, perhaps – who knows ? –
I’ll sparkle & then
simply fade away …

for the moment,


© (VSB, 21 dec 2008)

And still about, as roamer



I don’t have time enough,
not as much as to let
myself to waste it
on way too busy people !

Since, giving stone for bread,
to someone else (and, all
this, even by his own assent),
it would – indeed – mean simply
silly-scoffing on myself …

© (VSB, 6 dec 2008)